Suman Gupta paints landscapes, but for him the hills, rivers and the forests are not merely physical spaces to be consumed for their beauty but become sites for ideological interrogation of socio-political concerns in a seamless, non-intrusive fashion. The landscapes are locales where leitmotifs such as hope for peace, utopian dreamscapes, loss of innocence, and millenarianism; as the vertical intrusion of the sublime in the horizontal flux of cyclical time, play out.


The natural in his work, depicted through the world of Himalayan highlands and its people, is usually an idyllic locus of timeless beauty or cyclical time. Suman Gupta imagines secret edenic places in nature that children and adolescents retreat to and dream of inhabiting. He blends the elements of an abstracto-realist painter – a Dionysian, blissfully besotted by the colors, forms and lights of tranquil oasis of nature. Some of his pictures sometimes seem as physical as wet meadow underfoot or a heavy mist on the cheek; the paint itself often has the texture of the earth. He has worked over the years with many different moods and scales-of spirit, size and colors-but almost invariably sought to raise the most intense physical sensations into a kind of transcendent rapture.

The natural landscape-idyllic inscape pregnant with potential conflict recalls one of Coleridge’s treatments of Nature; in fact Coleridge famously wrote that his entire system of beliefs was founded on observation of the process of mimesis or mirroring nature at the same time as distancing oneself from it (the process post-modernists term alterity). With Gupta, Nature, the transpersonal source and substance of his creative oeuvre, maintains a spiritual alterity without annihilating the nomenclature of his personal self located in the real world and alive to its ideological conflicts.

On the other hand, pristine landscapes have a certain timeless quality about them, where only the light changes with seasons, and the time of the day or night, the forms remain the same. The ridges, the contours of forests, the tree line and its finish above a certain height follow the cosmic order. The quality of quietude in these works is a rippled silence that comes from within, a manifestation of the inward journey that seeks to bring in an order of timelessness to the studied portal of observations.For Suman Gupta Nature is the site where all conflicts are resolved and harmony restored.




Self-taught artist

University of Jammu, Jammu (J&K) India
1985. Bachelor of Commerce with Economics, Accountancy and English
1988. Bachelor of Law


Nominated as one of the jury members for ‘57th National Exhibition of Art’ By Lalit Kala Akademi (The National Academy of Arts in India)
Nominated as one of the jury members for ‘Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation’ national emerging artists’ contest

Curated a show on contemporary art of Jammu for AMML (Amar Mahal Museum and Library) Jammu

Nominated as one of the jury for Annual State Exhibition of Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi, Chandigarh

Invited to show his work at the India special exhibition at 5th ‘Beijing International Art Biennale’, China

Awarded ‘Lorenzo IL Magnifico’ for his work ‘Untitled’ at Florence Biennial
Invited to participate in the 8th edition of the Florence Biennale, Italy

Nominated as one of the jury member for 52nd National Exhibition of Arts, 2010 by Lalit Kala Akademi (The National Academy of Arts in India)

National Academy Award for ‘Blue River and the God of Fish’
Curated a show on Contemporary Indian Art in Cyprus

‘Award of Honor’ presented by Central Mahajan Sabha, Jammu

Elected to the Executive Board of the Lalit Kala Akademi, (The National Academy of Arts in India), New Delhi

J&K State Award for ‘Jay’s Remains’
Bank of Punjab Award for ‘The Priest’

Awarded scholarship in drawing by All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi for ‘Poplar Grove’
Award of Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar for ‘Tree, Fish and Butterfly’

‘Award of Honor’ presented by N.S.S. Wing of Jammu University in the field of visual arts

Gold and Silver medals in Zonal and National Festivals held at Hissar, Agra, Annamalai, Akola, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Aligarh and Meerut

Sobha Singh Award from J&K Gandhi Samarak Nidhi



2016.”Near and Far”Poleeni cultural center, Pieksamaki, Finland

2014. ‘Hopes and Dreams’ at Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

2013. ‘Return of the Hangul’ series in acrylics and temperas presented by Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi  

2013. ‘Stones, Bullets and Lilies’ series in acrylics and temperas presented by Amar Mahal Museum and Library, Jammu

2012. ‘The Secret Garden’ series of Acrylics and temperas shown by ‘Gallery Espoonsilta’, Finland

2010. ‘Solitude and Contemplation’ -Twenty years of art works at Rinchen Zangpo Art Gallery organized by University of Jammu, Jammu

2009. ‘Filigree of Frozen Moments’ organized by ‘The artistree’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2008. ‘The Balladeer’ Rinchen Zangpo Art Gallery, General Zorawar Singh Auditorium, University of Jammu

2008. ‘One Story Song’ at Lalit Kala Akademi, organized by Gallery Nvya, New Delhi

2005. Art Indus Gallery, New Delhi  

2005. Kalptaru Art Gallery, Jammu

2004. Jehangir Art Gallery, organized by Art Indus, Mumbai

2003. Art Indus Gallery, New Delhi

2002. ‘The Mountain Mysteries’ Palais des Nations, United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland

1998. Jammu University, Jammu

1998. Viraj Art Gallery, Jammu     

1997. Abhinav Art Gallery, Jammu

1996. Prithvi Art Gallery, Mumbai

1996. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

1994. Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi

1994. University Auditorium, Jammu

1991. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai



'India Art Fair 2018' Gallery Nvya,New Delhi

Bodhgaya Biennale 2018,Bodhgaya

“Oneness” international group show at Irma Freeman center, Pittsburgh, U.S.A
“Art Makes sense” at Hyatt, organized by Marvel art Gallery, Ahmadabad

“Autumn Odyssey” organized by Verandah Art Gallery, Dubai
Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation Exhibition, Mumbai
‘India Art Fair’ Gallery Nvya, New Delhi
’Prem Paryas” a charity art exhibition by Kunwar Viyogi Memorial trust, Jammu

‘Jaipur Art Summit’, ICA Gallery, Jaipur

‘Aavikon Tuoksua Kietaalla’ (Desert’s Smell) group show at Galleria Fogga, Helsinki

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ group show presented by Gallery Nvya at, India Art Fair, New Delhi

‘Pratibimb’ organized by Dhoomimal City Gallery at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
‘Centurion’ organized by ‘Voice on Art’ at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

‘The Capital’ organized by Ray Art Gallery at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

‘Ananya’, an overview of Contemporary Indian Art, organized by Bajaj Capital Art House, New Delhi
‘Harvest 2009’ group show organized by Gallery Arushi, New Delhi

Art India Summit, New Delhi by Gallery Nvya

‘Rhythm of Colors’ at Intercontinental Eros by Gallery 6 Treasure, New Delhi

‘UNAYAN’ group show organized by Gallery Nvya, New Delhi

‘Synergy in Call of Destiny’ presented by Art Indus, New Delhi

Hyatt Regency, New Delhi
‘Harmony’, Celebrating Tenth Year, Mumbai
‘Art for Vision’ curated by Sushma Behl, New Delhi
Nvya Gallery Inaugural Show, New Delhi

Art Auction by the Police Department, Mumbai at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi
‘Art for God's Sake’ curated by The Art Trust, Mumbai

RPG Exhibition of Self Portraits, Kolkata
'Harmony’ curated by The Art Trust, Mumbai
‘MOTHER’ organized by Art Indus, New Delhi

‘Harmony’ organized by The Art Trust, Mumbai
Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai

AIFACS, New Delhi
Hyatt Regency, New Delhi
Nehru Centre, London

Art Today, New Delhi

63rd All India Exhibition of Art, Amritsar
’Gift for India’ by Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust, New Delhi
Bombay Art Society, Mumbai

‘Jashn-e-Kashmir’, New Delhi

‘Kala Mela’, Bangalore
Art Foundation, Jammu

‘The Artist’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Exhibition of Art organized by the British Council, Mumbai

State Art Exhibitions, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages
National Exhibition of Art, LKA, New Delhi

Three Artists, Jammu

Contemporary Art Society, Jammu



National Art camp at Rann Utsav, Kutch organized by Marvel Art Gallery

Neerja Modi National Art Camp, Jaipur

National Art Camp at Konark, Orrisa
Tata Steel Art Camp, Jamshedpur

National Art Camp, Kargil, organized by J & K Academy of Art Culture and Languages
National Art Camp Patnitop, organized by University of Jammu

National Art Festival, Aizawl, Mizoram, organized by LKA
Artists in Residence at Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla
Shri. D. P Dhar Memorial Art Camp at Pahalgam, Srinagar
National Art Camp by ICA Gallery at Jaipur
National Art Festival at Shillong

International Painters’ Camp in Switzerland organized by ELEMENTS, Mumbai

International Painters’ Camp in New Zealand organized by Gallery Indigo Blue
National Art Camp at Ooty organized by LKA,New Delhi

National Art Festival at Srinagar

National Artists’ Camp at Hampi, Karnataka

Marve Art Camp organized by Harsh Goenka Group at Madh Island, Mumbai
All India Painters' Camp at Patnitop, J&K
Art Camp in Thailand organized by Art Indus

Oberoi Art Camp at Mumbai
Art Camp at Shiv Niwas Palace, Udaipur organized by The Art Trust

Art Camp at Jammu organized by J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages

All India Painters’ Camp at Pahalgam, J&K

All India Painters’ Camp at Patnitop, J&K



• Art works for Hotel Ashok, New Delhi

• Five works commissioned by ‘Palace of Patiala’ through Capt. Amrinder Singh, the former Chief

Minister of Punjab

• Series of fourteen paintings on different land marks of J&K commissioned by Raj Bhawan, Jammu

• Art work commissioned by the Attaché, Australian Embassy, New Delhi

• Art work for Jammu Airport commissioned by the Airports Authority of India?



• Gallery Nvya, New Delhi

• University of Jammu

• Hotel Ashok, New Delhi

• Palace of Patiala

• United Nations Office at Geneva

• Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

• J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages

• World Trade Centre, Mumbai

• Raj Bhawan, Jammu

• Gallery Espace, New Delhi

• Prithvi Gallery, Mumbai

• Jammu Airport

• Public and private collections worldwide.



Traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, New Zealand and the United States